Iconic Mumbai Food Is Now Available At Your Doorstep! Thanks To Faroma

Did you know you can get delicious Seekh from Sarvi, Shaami kebabs from Noor Mohammedi and Khichdi from Khichdi Samrat delivered to your door step?

Yes, Faroma is a food delivery app that connects Mumbai’s most iconic restaurants to people like you and me, who live their delicious offerings.

Faroma’s services are available all across Mumbai and all you have to do is

1. Register on their app with your email or Facebook account.

2. Select the food you want to order.

3. Fill in details, pay and wait for the good to get delivered.

This app is perfect for an impromptu gathering that depends a a nostalgic trip with iconic food from Mumbai’s old and famous restaurant.

In fact, we tried the app and were mighty pleased!

We ordered a meal for two from Piccadilly at Colaba. Piccadilly is a famous restaurant that serves up delicious Lebanese food. Famous for its Shawarmas, Piccadilly doesn’t deliver. However, through Faroma we were able to enjoy the lip-smacking food from Piccadilly in the comfort of our home.

Needless to say that the service was prompt and the food scrumptious. We ordered Chicken Chelo Rice, Chicken Platter with Pita Bread and Baked Chicken.

Everything was delivered right on the promised time packed neatly in containers. We were extremely happy with Faroma’s service and would surely recommend it to friends too. Try it out and let us know what you think. A feature on the app allows you to place an order in bulk for house parties and gathering! Perfect isn’t it?

Some of our favourite restaurants on the app are

1. Parsi Diary Farm

2. Leopold Cafe and bar

3. Jimmy Boy

4. Taj Ice Cream

Download it here for your Android phones and click here for the apple version.

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