GF Picks: Our Favourite Travel Apps for Every Kind of Holiday

Apps for travel

Let’s accept it, our lives are controlled by cell phones these days. From transferring money to spending it, it’s all just a matter of a click. With the world morphing into a digital sanctuary there’s very little we can’t get done with on our phones. Planning a holiday of course, is easier done armed with technology. No kidding, gone are days of hovering around travel agents to book your flight/train tickets, hotel stays, sightseeing tickets and other adventures. Everything can be easily managed through apps. But which ones should you trust to get the best deals? Here’s sharing some personal insight with a low-down of all the apps we use / have used to plan several of our holidays. Take a look and if you use some other app that’s done wonders for you, do let us know. We’d love to hear it in the comments below.

  1. Make My Trip: The one app that I’ve used extensively is Make My Trip. I’ve booked my own flight tickets as well as those of friends and family all through this app and have discovered some amazing deals and discounts. After having done extensive research on many apps, I’ve always found MMT to be the most user-friendly and always cheaper than other competitors where hotel prices are concerned. Totally recommend you using this app. And if you’re going to download it now do use our referral code: makelwnsl
  2. Trip Advisor: The best feature on Trip Advisor is its massive data base of real travellers that give insights into their trips / hotels visited and restaurants eaten at. Absolutely love how I can judge a place on the way it has been reviewed. On most occasions it’s a savior. Their advisory is also good and very helful. If you do use Tripadvisor, do follow us there – zahra_motor
  3. Skyscanner: Every time I plan a holiday, the first thing I do is loh onto skyscanner on an incognito browser (Always do this) and check flight tickets for a particular date. Skyscanner scans flights from various sites and gives you a low down of the various options available and their costs finally giving you the lowest available flight details. This ones very reliable!
  4. Tripoto: For real travel stories and pictures that’ll make you want to pack your bags right away as well as apt travel advice Tripoto is a great site.
  5. Go Ibibo: Another site that allows you to book flights, trains, hotels as well as other travel options and does a pretty neat job at it. The go ibibo cash can be a blessing and though I haven’t used it much, the father prefers Go Ibibo over MMT so you can take your own pick.

Apps for travel

6. Airbnb: For the best deals on homestays, Airbnb is my go-to site. They have every detail listed along with the rules of the house which makes it easy to access all queries. Plus amazing properties are listed even in India (Check Bungalows in Lonavala and Khandala)

7. Guides by lonely planet: The BEST guide to a new place you can ever have. An essential for travel abroad. They also have an app so yay!

8. Google trips / maps: You absolutely cannot travel to a new place without google maps. Google maps is a savior as you may not know where your headed by google surely does. In fact the wreck that I am in locating roads, I highly doubt I should travel without these even in the city.

9. XE Currency: For travels outside India, XE currency is a must as they make your life a hell lot easy. Plus they save you from over spending when you’ve missed your numbers.


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