GF Experiences: New Zealand’s Maori Culture

Every country has myriad cultures that we experience on our travels. But one culture that we were totally unaware about is the Maori Culture of New Zealand.

We recently attended an event conducted by New Zealand tourism on the rich and diverse Maori Culture which is a major attraction for tourists. The Maori Culture, which we knew nothing about until last evening (25 April, 2019) forms a distinctive part of New Zealand.

Conducted in association with Soldiers Rd Portraits – a company that dresses customers in Maori, Pasifika and Native American regalia for a native inspired vintage portrait, took us through a short and fun presentation that gave us a glimpse of Maori Culture. Presided over by the owners of Soldiers RD Portraits, Taaniko and Vienna the presentation was enlightening as they sang, danced and even dressed us up for a portrait in Maori-style!

They also held a small workshop where we were taught to make the Poi – a traditional instrument made with a ball and string, just like a pom-pom that is used in the Kapa Haka (Maori dance). This little workshop proved to be extremely interesting and exciting even though most people couldn’t get it right.

The event also had a special guests – actor and model Diana Penty who came in to experience Maori culture and was aptly dressed in traditional finery along with a Ta Moko (Maori tattoo, face art / tattoo), feathers in the hair and a fury cloak to match her attire. She did look exotic and we couldn’t help but try out the look too.

Needless to say, it turned out well. This event was followed by an open house along with drinks and dinner, which we didn’t wait up for.

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