Birla Ayurveda Experiential: A Rejuvenating Massage

Birla Ayurveda Uthvartana Treatment,

A relaxing massage can mean a lot of things but one that promises to make you feel energized is a novelty. At Birla Ayurveda, a wellness and treatment centre that brings therapies of Kerala, to you natural healing is the essence.

I tried the Udvarthanam treatment at Birla Ayurveda, Prabhadevi and here’s what unfolded. The crux of Birla Ayurveda is Holistic health through Ayurveda. They treat the Individual as a whole, maintaining the balance of the body constitution which results in revitalization and holistic health. With the use of medicinal oils and herbs from Kerala and talented therapists, a peronalised experience is much cherished.

The bed for Uthvartana at Birla Ayurveda

Unlike other therapies, this one has not one but two therapists who perform uniform actions on either side of your body. This synchronized massage is called Abhyangam and is done with medicinal herbs. The massage helps prevent ageing and degeneration process with a specific number of strokes and is effective treatment for the entire body.

My session started with a personlised consultation with Dr. Vrunda Lotlikar for the Udvarthanam treatment. Dr. Lotlikar, after taking down all relevant details of my diet and medical history advised to skip the face during the treatment and use the oil + powder method of Udvathanam. Udvarthanam is derived from term urdhwa and varthanam. Urdhwa meaning upward while Varthnam translating to movement.

Herbal Powder for Uthvartana at Birla Ayurveda

Herbal powder was used for the massage which is decided as per skin type. The powder is mixed with oils/water/milk/curd.

My therapists, Renjini and Shymi were both Kerala-ites that did a fab job of making me feel comfortable. They kept asking if the pressure was good and if I had any other issues. I on the other woke up extremely rejuvenated and surprisingly energetic. Although I did have a tough time getting rid of all the powder and oil from my body once the treatment came to an end. However, I was provided with soap and a clean towel to help me with the process. Finally the warm herbal water helped a great deal in calming my nerves and the session proved to be a great benefit for my little cared for skin.

The Process:

  1. The body is massaged with Nalapamaradi oil which enhances complexion, makes the skin radiant and supple, removes blemishes and improves skin texture.
  2. The herbal powder is then used to massage the body in synchronized movements called Udvarthanam.
  3. By massaging the body in upward strokes it produces certain heat energy which liquefies excess fat. Herbs penetrate through skin pores and remove lymphatic toxins.

The Benefits:

  1. It helps clear blocked skin pores.
  2. Improves blood circulation over superficial skin layer.
  3. Exfoliates the dead skin cells.
  4. Reduces extra-cellular fluid (cellulite) and excess fat accumulated under the skin and helps in inches weight loss.
  5. Removes bad body odour, toxins and makes skin radiant and glowing.

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