The Bewildering Trek to the Living Roots Bridge in Cherrapunjee


They say, things that you get with great difficulty are the things that you remember forever. You remember the trouble you went through for it and you value it so much more. That is why this picture is so significant. I don’t think I will ever be able to do it again and I really don’t think I want to either. But we did this and it was such an amazing experience. One that I’ll cherish forever. The trek 3600 steps down, (crossing a few man-made and scary bridges) in the torrential rains, surrounded by dense greenery, clouds and insects was tough. But we reached down to see a wonderful waterfall and a magnificent Double Decker Living Root Bridge (There is also a single decker living roots bridge, but we decided to give that one a miss) that itself is nature’s miracle. It didn’t end there. The trek uphill, was more challenging. The rain never stopped, not even for a second. It got colder, our wet clothes become heavier and our bodies cramping with the pain of constant climbs. It took us 2 hours to make it up and the pain lasted a couple of days but the memories will stay forever. Truly the highlight of our trip.

Things to keep in mind for the trek:

  1. Wear easy to trek clothes.
  2. Carry minimum luggage
  3. Carry rain wear.
  4. Wear comfortable + rain friendly footwear preferably trekking shoes or floaters.
  5. If you plan to go in the water and enjoy the waterfall, carry a towl and change of clothes as the trek up is another task.
  6. Get a guide, it helps. They help you navigate and climb.
  7. Also, get those sticks they will help you balance the steps.
  8. For water, snacks etc, there are small stalls on the way and that should suffice.

The scenery of the places is beyond description. Your will get amazed of walking over the roots which are scary at the start but once u start u will end it with great zeal. The picturesque forest all around, pleasant sound of water falls and the calm and peace will leave you mesmerized. You’ll be tired by the time you get back up, but it’s going to be worth it.

PS: The trek is downhill with first getting down 3000 steps and then climbing up the same. If you are not medically sound do not do the entire trek, it doesn’t get easier. Of course it is totally worth it.

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